Eileen Fowler

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Thanks Brad. I appreciate your putting us on the map. Hopefully, I’ll be able to reach out soon to report that we are accredited!


Institution: University of California, Los Angeles

Institution Type: University Hospital Lab Type: clinical and research CMLA

Accredited: no

Specialty: cerebral palsy, pediatric neuromuscular diseases Lab name:

Name: Kameron Gait & Motion Lab

Department: Orthopaedic Surgery


1000 Veteran Ave.

22-27 Rehabilitation Center


Los Angeles, CA 90095-1795

United States

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We are currently preparing the gait lab accreditation application. I attended a GCMAS conference symposium describing the accreditation process. The use of SAMSA for kinematics, SENIAM recommendations for dynamic EMG and other resources were discussed. I would like more information about use of the SAMSA. E.G. What is the frequency of assessment using this device that is considered satisfactory? optimal? We currently use Motion Analysis Corp system recommended “moving wand” calibration before every gait evaluation.

I have also looked into the SENIAM project for dynamic emg that was recommended. Apparently, the final recommendations are no longer on-line. Do you know where I can locate a copy?

Thanks so much!


Eileen Fowler PhD PT


[email protected]

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