Student Mentorship Program

Since 2009, the GCMAS Education Council has organized a mentorship program in which student mentees are matched with a volunteer mentor based on mutual research interests and the student’s desired career path. The goal of this program is to facilitate dialog among students and professionals in a supportive manner, where knowledge, skills, and experiences are shared, and where networking relationships are cultivated. Typically, mentors and mentees meet over lunch or during a scheduled break at the annual meeting. The mentee is HIGHLY encouraged to contact their designated mentor prior to the annual meeting to schedule a time and place to meet. Failure to do this typically results in a less productive meeting between mentor and mentee. Mentees are informed of their matched mentor about one month prior to the meeting.

Individuals who would like to participate in this program at the annual meeting are encouraged to contact the current Education Chair for more information. Typically a notice of this program will be posted on the conference website and sent to students through email. Mentors are always needed; you may indicate your interest in being a mentor through the meeting registration process.

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