members5.jpgStudent members are a vital part of GCMAS. As the clinicians, researchers, and thought leaders of the future, students engage directly with GCMAS’ missions to provide a forum for professional interaction and exchange of ideas and to promote education, stimulate research, and disseminate current knowledge and best practices to enhance human movement and health. Many of the society’s student-specific programs and materials are developed by the Education Council. In addition, the GCMAS Board of Directors appoints a student representative to act as a direct link between student members and the Board.

Student Travel Scholarship Program

Travel Scholarships are available to Student members of GCMAS who present their research at the annual meeting. This program is made possible through the generosity of the GCMAS membership and our sponsoring vendors. Applications will be reviewed by the GCMAS Education Council, and recipients will be selected based on their demonstrated potential to advance scientific knowledge, technical capabilities, and/or clinical practice in the field of human movement. Approximately 10 awards will be awarded to full-time students who submit an abstract to attend the annual meeting and complete the application. Additional information and the application form are available on the conference website or at the bottom of this page. 

GCMAS student award application FORM 2024.pdf

Kevin Granata Young Investigator Award

The student or postdoctoral trainee who gives the most outstanding oral presentation at the annual meeting (as judged by the Awards Council) will be awarded the Kevin Granata Award. This award for young investigators comes with a certificate and funds ($1000) that the recipient may use to attend the following year’s meeting. All students and postdoctoral trainees who are members of GCMAS are eligible, and will be automatically considered for this award based on their participation at the annual meeting.

Please note that you must be a current GCMAS Student or Trainee member at the time of abstract submission to be considered.

Past Recipients

2016 Jonathan Gustafson
2015 Rachel Lenhart
2014 Rachel Lenhart
2013 Geoffrey Handsfield
2012 Kat Steele
2011 Kota Takahashi
2010 Melanie Fox
2009 Melanie Fox
2008 Brooke Slavens

Student Roommate Finder

Students that are interested in locating a roommate to share a hotel room should contact the student representative after abstract notifications have been received. Please provide him/her with the following information:

  • Your name and gender
  • Email address and phone number
  • Your planned arrival date and departure dates
  • Roommate preferences: How many people you would like to share a room with (i.e. 1, 2 or 3)?, Smoking/Nonsmoking? etc.
  • Please also provide contact information for a faculty advisor who can serve as a personal reference.

Roughly two months before the meeting, we will provide you with a list of potential roommates. Once you have received information regarding potential roommates, it will be your responsibility to contact each other and make hotel arrangements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the student rep.

This is provided by GCMAS as a service to students attending the annual conference. GCMAS assumes no responsibility for communications, which arise from those postings. GCMAS also assumes no financial responsibility for any arrangements made through this service. We cannot verify the accuracy of any contact information within these postings, and we take no responsibility for screening or matching prospective roommates. We encourage you to make arrangements with conference attendees you know personally, or whose identities can be verified by third parties.

Tutorials/Career Symposium

Tutorials are offered to students at a discounted rate, and in some cases at no cost to the student. However, due to funding and grant monies, this cannot always be guaranteed. In any case, tutorials are an excellent way to learn about a new topic, methodology or technology. Tutorials have included discussions on the use of inertial movement sensors, nonlinear mathematical tools, EMG processing, and so forth.

Each year, a strong effort is made to provide a “student” relative tutorial. This could be a career symposium, grant writing workshop, or mentoring discussion. Students are highly encouraged to attend the meeting on Tuesday and participate. This year there will be a career symposium with three well-established speakers from academia, from industry and from the clinical world.

Student Mentorship Program

Since 2009, the GCMAS Education Council has organized a mentorship program in which student mentees are matched with a volunteer mentor based on mutual research interests and the student’s desired career path. The goal of this program is to facilitate dialog among students and professionals in a supportive manner, where knowledge, skills, and experiences are shared, and where networking relationships are cultivated. Typically, mentors and mentees meet over lunch or during a scheduled break at the annual meeting. The mentee is HIGHLY encouraged to contact their designated mentor prior to the annual meeting to schedule a time and place to meet. Failure to do this typically results in a less productive meeting between mentor and mentee. Mentees are informed of their matched mentor about one month prior to the meeting.

Individuals who would like to participate in this program at the annual meeting are encouraged to contact the current Education Chair for more information. Typically a notice of this program will be posted on the conference website and sent to students through email. Mentors are always needed; you may indicate your interest in being a mentor through the meeting registration process.

Articles Relevant to Student Members

GCMAS is pleased to provide this selection of articles relevant to Student Members, compiled from mass media and the peer reviewed literature. Topics include Grant Writing, Mentorship, Interviewing, Teaching, Employment, and Research. Due to copyright restrictions we cannot post the full content of these articles on the society website. We have provided extensive source information which should allow the retrieval of these articles through library loan or online methods.

student article compilation.pdf

Force and Motion Foundation Student Grants

The Force and Motion Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization fully funded by AMTI, to support students in fields related to multi-axis force measurement and testing. The Foundation also serves as creator and curator of the Virtual Poster Session, an international resource for information exchange and networking within the academic community

They award more than $40,000 in travel and academic scholarships to promising U.S. and international graduate students every year. The Force and Motion Foundation would like to make these scholarships more known and available for students to access and apply.

More information, as well as application steps, can be viewed at

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