The GCMAS has previously offered the following tutorials, workshops, symposiums, and consulting services to members and Fine Wire EMG non-members. These workshops are available often available on a fee basis and can be a standalone event or paired with existing symposiums or conferences. 

  • Motion Analysis for Beginners
  • Indications and Explicit Guidance for Bony Surgery Using Gait Analysis
  • Toe Walking: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Decision-making Using Gait Analysis
  • From Body to Joints to Muscles: An Integrative Multi-Scale Assessment of Ankle and Foot Function in Human Locomotion
  • Indications and Explicit Guidance for Bony Surgery Using Gait Analysis
  • Why We Walk The Way We Do
  • Quantitative Clinical and Biomechanical Analysis of Upper Extremity Movement Dysfunction
  • I downloaded OpenSim – NOW WHAT?
  • Gait Analysis Data Interpretation: Understanding kinematic relationships within and across planes of motion
  • Induced Acceleration Analysis for Everyone
  • Biomechanical Models for Gait Analysis – Which One Should We Choose
  • Indications and Explicit Guidance for Soft Tissue Surgery Using Gait Analysis
  • Commission for Motion Laboratory Accreditation (CMLA)
  • Clinical Applications of Nonlinear Analysis
  • Innovative Techniques in EMG Analysis
  • Problem Solving in Clinical Movement Analysis: The Challenge of Running a Quality Service
  • Integrated Quantitative Spasticity Assessment
  • Automation of Data Collection, Analysis, Storage, Reporting, & Retrieval in Motion Analysis Laboratories
  • Impairment Focused Interpretation: A clinical reasoning approach to the interpretation and understanding of gait analysis data
  • Robotic Lower Limb Exoskeletons for Human Locomotion
  • Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) - Theory and Practice
  • Minimally Invasive Multi-level Surgery & Rehabilitation for children with Cerebral Palsy
  • Software for Interactive Musculosketetal Modeling (SIMM) to facilitate modeling, animation and analysis of 3D musculosketetal systems.
  • Database development and management
  • Foot Modeling: Common Techniques and Clinical Applications

The society is in the process of organizing and hosting webinars that will be available to members and non-members. Information will be posted on the website as it becomes available. If there is a specific topic of interest, or if you are interested in organizing such an event, please email [email protected].


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