GCMAS Councils

members.jpgThe Education Council is responsible for the solicitation and selection of instructional courses offered at the annual Society meeting. They are also responsible for the evaluation of the the annual meeting, and other educational endeavors undertaken by the Society. The current Chair of the Education Council is Christina Brinkley.

The Research Council is responsible for promoting, advancing, and supporting research in the field of movement analysis. The current chair of the Research Council is Andy Anderson.

The Standards Council is responsible for the development of standardized methods in clinical movement analysis including all aspects of data acquisition, reduction, utilization, interpretation, presentation, and communication. They also coordinate the use of the SAMSA (Standard Assessment of Motion System Accuracy) device. The current Chair of the Standards Council is Stephen Hill.

The Reimbursement Council is responsible for supporting the society's interests in gait analysis as a clinical tool, including the availability and maintenance of billing codes, as well as insurance reimbursement. They have drafted position statements on the use of gait analysis in several different patient populations. The current Chair of the Reimbursement Council is Chris Church. 

The Membership Council is responsible for overseeing new membership signups and annual membership renewals. The Council also implements membership initiatives and responsibly represents the needs of the membership before the Board of Directors. The current chair of the Membership Council is Karen Kruger.

The Awards Council is responsible for the development and implementation of the Society awards system, designed to recognize outstanding individual and group achievements related to gait and human movement analysis in clinical and research settings. These include the Best Paper and Best Poster Awards at the annual conference, as well as the Kevin Granata Young Investigator Award. The current chair of the Awards Council is Jessica Fritz.

The Communications Council is responsible for developing and maintaining the society’s web page and email broadcast system, as well as managing other communication endeavors undertaken by the society. The current chair of the Communications Council is Braden Romer.

The Board of Directors appoints a Student Representative who represents the interests of the society's Student and Trainee members. The current Student Representative is Margo Donlin.

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