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New Website

Welcome to the new GCMAS website! 

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Board of Directors

Executive Officers
President: Chris Church, MPT
Secretary-Treasurer: Ross Chafetz, DPT, PhD

Council Chairs
2024 Co-Conference Chairs: 
Awards Council: Kevin Dibbern, PhD
Communications Council: Braden Romer, PhD
Education Council: Ann Flanagan, PT
Membership Council: Karen Kruger, PhD
Reimbursement Council: Christine Doss Esper, MD
Research Council: Andy Anderson, PhD
Standards Council: Eric Dugan, PhD

Advisory Board

Past-President: Jason Rhodes, MD, MS
Past-President: Krisanne Chapin, PhD
Member at Large: Wendy Pierce, MD

Ancillary Members
Society Administrator: Sahar Hassani
Student Representative: Lauren Luginsland

Jason Long
The Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society is comprised of professionals and students in both clinical and research settings.