Discussion of CMLA Policy on Clinician Role in an Accredited Motion Lab

At the 2018 CMLA Workshop, held in conjunction with the 2018 GCMAS Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, we introduced the new CMLA Policy on the Clinician's Role in a CMLA accredited clinical motion lab. The policy is live but open for public discussion in this forum for the next several months. It can be found publicly under the "Resources" tab on the main www.CMLAinc.org page, or available directly via this link:


Please post your comments as replies to this post. CMLA BoD will review and consider your posts during this public comment period. The public comment period will close August 31, 2018.

James Carollo 
CMLA Forum Moderator

BHR Test

Braden Romer - Testing Suggestion Box Option

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