January 2016 Newsletter

TO: GCMAS Members

From: Krisanne Chapin, PhD

RE: 2015 Year-end summary


Greetings and happy New Year to you all! I hope your 2016 is off to a productive and engaging start. For those of you who were not able to attend the 2015 Annual meeting in Portland, I would like to share with you a brief update on the Society. First of all, we must all thank Bruce MacWilliams for leading the Society and the Executive Board so capably for the past two years. I’m grateful to him for passing the baton of such a healthy organization to me. I hope I can maintain the positive growth in our financial standing and membership numbers over the next couple of years.

Thanks in part to your annually renewed membership, GCMAS continues to build a healthy reserve fund and financially we are in good shape. One of the areas where we continue to see membership growth is in student memberships, and we all can appreciate how much the strong and vital student involvement contributes to our annual meeting. This bodes well for the long term health of the GCMAS. Our biggest challenge regarding students is that the position of Student Representative to the Executive Board has been open since last spring. Rachel Lenhart served in this role for two years but has moved on and we seek an equally energetic and social-network-savvy student member to join the Executive Board and manage some aspects of our online presence. If you would like to nominate a student of yours or perhaps you are a student member who would like to volunteer – either way, please send a statement of interest and letter of support from your mentor to Dr. Jenna Yentes, Chair of the Education Council.

Following our March meeting in Portland, the Executive Board has turned its attention toward planning for the 2016 meeting and you’ll see the fruits of those labors in the Conference Update below. Thanks to all of you who have submitted abstracts for consideration – we received 162 of them! While this meeting is planned for you, we are all well aware that the meeting is nothing without your participation.

In addition, the President-Elect of our European counterpart, ESMAC.  Dr. Sebastian Wolf contacted me this fall and asked me to communicate the following information to our membership:

  1. ESMAC now offers 50% off the ESMAC membership fee to GCMAS members. In the future, ESMAC members will be the only individuals who qualify for discounts on conference fees.
  2. They have asked GCMAS and other national/regional European societies to identify a “national coordinator” who can serve as a point person between their society and the others for the purpose of sharing/disseminating information, best practices, etc.  At this point the role/duty of this position/person is a bit nebulous.  Rather than recruit a GCMAS member for the role, our Board of Directors has decided that for the time being the President of GCMAS will be our named point-person for the ESMAC.

Below you will find updates from some of our Council Chairs. As you review them, keep in mind that each of these volunteer Chairs would welcome the contributions of additional Council members should you be seeking greater involvement with the Society!

Best regards, and see you in Memphis! 

Krisanne Chapin, PhD



2016 Conference Update

The conference planning team has been hard at work setting up our 2016 meeting, scheduled for May 17-May 20 at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee.  Highlights are:

  • Conference registration for members and exhibitors is open and “early bird” registration rates are available until 4/4/16: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ehome/gcmas2016/general?&
  • Call the Peabody Hotel reservations line (1-800-PEABODY) to reserve a room in the conference hotel for the group rate (valid 5/15/16-5/20/16). The deadline for hotel reservations is 4/16/2016.
  • Our local hosts and Conference/Program chairs, Audrey Zucker-Levin and Phyllis Ritchey, strongly encourage all of us to make travel (airline/rental car) arrangements as early as possible. The conference will be taking place during the “Memphis in May International Festival” – so travel will be considered high season and it may be challenging (and/or expensive) to find suitable transportation if you delay making your reservations.
  • Continuing education credits are being pursued for both physicians (CME) and therapists (CEU).
  • Two keynote presentations and four tutorials are planned – refer to the conference website for details.
  • The Welcome Reception on Tuesday evening will take place at the Peabody on the Plantation Rooftop and Skyway featuring breathtaking views of the Mississippi River. Theme will be “Home of the Blues…”

Reimbursement Council

Members of the reimbursement committee are working on the following initiatives to help clinical labs find solutions for reimbursement of motion analysis services that include:

a)      a mechanism for bundling motion analysis costs with other covered costs such as orthopaedic surgery

b)      a mechanism to negotiate for coverage of motion analysis plans for self-insured institutions that follow the medical coverage guidelines of an insurance company that does not current cover motion analysis

c)       making sure that the affordable care act insurance providers cover motion analysis

Please go to the GCMAS website for ideas for getting reimbursement that were shared at the past GCMAS 2015 meeting insurance forum.  There will be an insurance/reimbursement forum at the 2016 meeting.  Please plan on attending for an update.

Education Council

First, let me thank Adam Rozumalski for his work as the past Education Council Chair these past four years. Adam has set a very high standard, which I hope to meet. He has done an incredible job and I have big shoes to fill. Since the 2015 meeting, we are preparing for the 2016 meeting. The call for tutorials for the 2016 meeting is out and due October 31st. Our goal is to offer general topics of interest to our entire membership. Further, we have been hard at work organizing the student travel scholarship application process. The application for this award will be due the same date as abstracts, December 11th. Please keep this date in mind and have your students apply for this award. I must take a moment to thank the vendors that sponsor this program. We have had continued support from the vendors over the past several years to maintain this program and offer this benefit to our students. These awards are meant to defray the costs of attending the meeting, which in some cases, is the reason a student cannot attend; they just cannot afford it.

We continue to look for a student representative. This is very important to the Board of Directors. If you are interested, or know a student that would make a good representative, please have them send a statement of interest and a letter of support from their primary mentor to me. The students’ voice is of high priority to the Board and we would like to fill this position before the 2016 meeting.

Lastly, we are planning the career symposium program for the 2016 meeting. This will be the fifth year that we are hosting this event. If you have any ideas or if you would like to be considered as a panelist for the event, please feel free to contact me at jyentes@unomaha.edu.

Communications Council

The work of the Communications Council in 2015 focused on the maintenance and continual improvement of the GCMAS website (www.gcmas.org). During 2015, the major addition to the website was the “Find a Gait Analysis Lab” (http://www.gcmas.org/map), which had long been a goal of Past-President, Dr. Bruce MacWilliams. The “point and click” map allows researchers, clinicians, and most importantly, the general public, the ability to search North American gait analysis labs. Furthermore, labs have been demarcated based on a number of criteria (e.g. lab type, acceptance of referrals, instructional type, and CMLA accreditation) to help users identify the information of greatest information to them.

It is hoped that this resource will continue to grow in capability and the number of labs to enhance the power of the available information.

Awards Council

Awards Council is preparing for the judging of scientific abstracts and posters for award consideration for the upcoming annual meeting. Awards are judged on the basis of scientific merit, impact on the field, and presentation quality. We will begin judging abstracts once the conference committee has completed the abstract selection and rating process.  The following awards will be awarded at the 2016 conference:

Best Poster Award

GCMAS Student Award

Best Podium Award

Best Paper Award


If you are interested in joining the council and participating in the rating process, please contact Aviva Wolff, Awards council chair at wolffa@hss.edu.

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